5 Red Signs That Shows Your Girlfriend Will Break Up With You Soon

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Having a lady that loves and appreciates you a lot, can be inspiring. It's a wonderful thing to be in love with someone that returns the same energy and vibe. I understand that feeling pretty well. I've been there before and I know how it makes we guys feel.

Sadly, the happy times don't last forever. One way or the other, the relationship that used to make you happy becomes a nightmare that you now dread. How did it happened? Only God knows why relationships don't last. Well, some of us are responsible for the failure of our love affairs? We often exhibit certain habits that do kill our relationships. In one of my blog posts here, I wrote about seven bad habits that often destroy dating affairs. You can read about that later.

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To the main discussion. Like I said earlier, happy relationships don't always last long. It's pretty sad when the person you love most suddenly becomes a stranger to you. I understand that feeling. I've been there before too. However, before the relationship finally crumbles, there are always red lights that warns you ahead.

For the guys, I wrote in this blog post about few red signs to look out for to know if your girlfriend is preparing to break up with you. Most of the time, she has made up her mind already before the red lights become visible. Five of the red lights are discussed below as follows:

1. Sudden Drop In Communication

In every relationship, communications are usually initiatated by the ladies. Probably, because they are more emotional than the guys, they tend to communicate more often with the boyfriends. Futhermore, women are naturally wired to talk, gossip and gist often with their men. If she suddenly reduces the vibe she used to relate with you, you should be a bit worried.

You should be sure if she's busy with a new project or something before concluding. If this continues for a while, and she no longer initiate conversations, the relationship is half over. The biggest red light pops when she start to avoid conversations on a deeper level. Especially, when she misses your calls and doesn't even to call back. And whenever you complain, she uses the excuse of not having airtime to call back.

My brother, your girl will soon tender her resignation letter. It sounds funny, but it's a pretty painful things. I've been there before!

2. She Stop Being Romantic With You

Women loved to touch and be touched by the guys they love. It's a function of their emotional wiring. Romance and caring vibes are things that endears a lady to the guys they love. But, if she stops the whole touchy thing suddenly, you need to watch out.

If she starts to avoid romantic touches and other gestures with you, and it wasn't that way when you guys started dating, she's preparing to break up with you.

3. She Stop Replying Your Texts

If she doesn't reply your texts on time, or she doesn't even text back at all, start preparing for a break up. Although, women are quite lazy when it comes to texting, but not with the men they claim to love. Another thing she does is to reply your texts with "one-word" responses.

Imagine you texting her "Hey babe, how was classes today?" And her response is just "fine." It's a huge sign she's preparing to end things with you. Don't be caught unawares.

4. She Finds Excuses Not To Spend Time With You

She suddenly becomes too busy to spend quality time with you. The girl that used to be all over you suddenly wants to have her private space. Whenever you guys plans a date, and she cancels at dime minute with the excuse that she's busy on something. Bro! That girl doesn't give a damn about you anymore. I know it hurts, but you can't do nothing about it.

5. She Hangs Out With Other Guys Except You

One red sign you shouldn't ignore is when you notice she's always hanging out with her male friends except you. She cancels your dates but she spends quality time with her male friends, and she doesn't even hide it from you. It's a subtle hint for what's coming later.


Regardless of the five red signs I discussed above, your instincts and guts will tell you when things start to go wrong. I've been there before, and I know how it hurts. When you see those signs, prepare your heart for a break, there's no hope for that relationship anymore.

And when you guys finally part, don't be too hurt. You'll find love again. When that time come, you'll be a stronger man for the woman that deserve you. You can even meet the love of your life on a dating app or site. I wrote a blog post earlier about online dating sites to connect with potential dates

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If you got any questions for me, drop them in the comments section. I'll answer all of them. Thanks for reading to the end. Before you go, kindly share this blog post to your friends. We hope to see you again!

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