4 Proven Ways To Make Guys Beg You For Your Attention

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Does it seem like no guy want you? Are you finding it difficult to get a man to love you? You go out everyday. You see how some ladies, not even pretty as you, get massive attention from men, and yet, none of the guys are coming your way. Does it make you feel worried?

Dear Aunty, you don't have to be bothered about it. There's no magic to it when it comes to garnering the attention of guys. You are probably not doing the right things.

In this blog post, I'll tell you few things you need to do for you to get guys to chase you. Infact! They won't just chase you, guys will rush you. It sounds funny, right? Yeah, it should.

Before I start the discussion, is it possible you're doing things that turns off guys in you? If you're not sure of yourself, you need to read this blog post about why guys get turned off in women.

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If you're sure of yourself that you're not turning guys off, then follow the guidelines below, to control huge attention from men to yourself.

1. Develop A Good Sense Of Dressing

Men are drawn to whatever that looks appealing to their eyes. We are naturally wired to get attracted by our sense of vision. As a lady that want guys to get attracted to you, developing a decent sense of dressing should be on your priority list. Start putting on dresses that brings out your woman physique. If you often dress like an elderly woman, guys will stay away from you.

Nevertheless, be careful of your choice of dressing. Indecent dressing will bring players to you, not responsible guys. Responsible men are always looking for responsible ladies. So, dress decently and look attractive to the sights of men.

2. Improve Your Self Confidence

Self confidence is something that draws guys to ladies if you look around, women with good levels of self confidence are always having men chasing them. Self confidence is an aroma that makes ladies look more attractive to men. Improve your speaking skills. Build your charisma and elevate your whole personal aura. With any atom of doubt, guys will rush you like 'Russians.' LOL!

3. Become Successful In Your Career

Career success draws the attention of men to you, as a woman. Whatever you find yourself doing, put in your best shots to become successful at it. Not just men alone, everyone will want to associate with you. More so, successful women are prone to get interests from successful men like them. And that's a big bonus for you. Become a success!

4. Spend More Time Outdoors

If you don't go out and mingle with others, how do you expect guys to come around you? Its like expecting manna to fall from heaven like the days of Moses. Lol!

Create time to hang out with your friends, regardless of your tight daily routine and schedules. There are higher chances for someone to come your way, when you go out more often.


Follow the guidelines I discussed above if you want men to rush you with the love you always desired. If you can adhere to the tips, you will no longer have to be bothered about guys not coming to you. Rather, you will be bothered about reducing the number of men you attend to. Lol! 

Literally, guys will beg you just to get your attention. Wish you the best of luck.

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