6 Reasons Why Ladies Should Not Date Yahoo Boys

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In one of the blog posts I wrote here, it was discussed about how ladies can identify a guy if he's a Yahoo boy, or not. Who's a Yahoo boy?

A Yahoo boy is a guy who earns a living from scamming unsuspecting victims over the internet. They use a lot of methods to deceive their victims to get private data and money. Most of the times, they get their scam victims from online dating sites. They pretend as lovers to dupe innocent people looking for love on the web. Yahoo Yahoo is not a legal way of earning a living, and should be disencouraged by the appropriate authorities.

Due to their lavish and extravagant lifestyle, it's normal for ladies to desire a Yahoo boy as boyfriend. Although, no sensible lady or decent girl will consider a Yahoo boy as boyfriend material. Regardless, we still have large numbers of girls hanging out with these boys, either due to covetousness or ignorance.

Being ignorant is not an excuse anyway. I have a blog post for you where I wrote about signs to look for to know if a guy is a Yahoo boy.

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So, is it bad to date a Yahoo boy? Is there any risk involved if I date one? Yes, it's very bad for you to date one. There are several risks or disadvantages associated with it when you date a Yahoo boy.

Very quickly, I discussed six reasons why ladies should desist from any dating relationship with Yahoo boys. They are explained as follows:

1. Risk Of Being Implicated

Yahoo boys, due to their fraud activities, are targeted by anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria such as EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission). If you're dating a Yahoo boy, and you get arrested together, you risk the possibility of being charged to court as an accomplice. And when that happens, you may be sent to jail, if proven guilty.

2. Risk of Being Killed for Rituals

We all know the things happening these days. One way or the other, we have all heard heartbreaking stories of how these boys use innocent girls for money rituals. If you're dating one, how sure are you that you won't end up being killed for rituals? One of the people you should fear the most, is anyone that's desperate to get fast money. They can do and undo.

3. Unfaithfulness

Girls love money and anything that smells money. It's not suprising when we see girls licking the boots of Yahoo boys just to get some wands of cash. Most of the time, Yahoo boys don't stick to one woman as they have several girls hanging out with them.

If you're looking for an exclusive relationship, erase the thought of dating a Yahoo boy. You won't get such relationship with him.

4. Risk Of STD And Infections

As a result of #3 above, it's normal for most Yahoo boys to sleep around with multiple women. They are renowned for that. The problem is that they can easily contract STDs/STIs as result of indiscriminate sexual activities. If you're sleeping with him too, you stand the risk of getting infected by him.

5. Being Disrespected By Him

Yahoo boys are usually rude and they tend to look down on hardworking, not as rich as them. They exhibit the same rudeness to women. They believe as much as they are paying your bills, they can treat you anyhow. Don't date a Yahoo boy if you can't tolerate being disrespected.

6. Little or Zero Commitment

A Yahoo boy won't have time for you if you're dating him. You might be getting financial benefits from the relationship, but forget about commitment. For him to carry out his scam operations effectively, he has to stay up all night to talk to his prospective victims. When they aren't scamming, you see them balling around the town.

If you want quality time from a relationship, don't consider dating a Yahoo boy. You will be shooting yourself in the leg.


Although some folks will argue that dating a Yahoo boy has benefits. Yeah. They are right, but before you do, compare the financial gains to the dangers and risks associated with it. On a final note, dating a Yahoo boy, or not, is your personal decision to make.

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