6 Thing About Ladies That Turns Guys Off In Them

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He once showed interest in you. He can't stop stealing glances at you. He can't resist not talking to you for a whole day. That guy is bothered your happiness and welfare. He goes out of his normal routine just to get your attention. But, you don't seem to understand him anymore. The cute guy you secretly admire no longer give a damn about your existence, and you're wondering what went wrong. Lol!

If a guy that use to be on tails no longer give the same vibe he used to, there are high chances that he's turned off in you. It's a common thing for we guys. We may be chasing you today and once we get turned off, unknown to you, we take a step back and retreat in the reverse direction. You don't need to wonder any longer. You did something that made him lose interest in you.

Very quickly, I'll be discussing about things you don't count, but can be a big turnoff to guys. And if you don't work on it, it may keep sending decent guys away from you. Some of these turnoffs are highlighted below:

1. Arrogance

As little as it sounds, arrogance is a total rebuff for most guys. It takes a lot of courage and humility for guys to walk up to a lady and express his affections to her. It's up to you, as a lady, to accept him or reject his advances politely. Being rude sends often a negative signal to the guys, and as such, they won't come near you again.

Arrogance or pride, they say, goes before a fall. We guys detest arrogant ladies a lot. It's a total turn off. Even if you are nice to us, if you're arrogant to others, it's still a rebuff for us.

2. Poor Hygiene

Men are attracted by what they see, unlike ladies that are attracted by what they hear. It's a two-way sight. Men are drawn by sight. Women are drawn by words. Consequently, we tend to get attracted to neat ladies with clean clothings and physique.

Some ladies find it difficult to brush their hair before they go out. Some can't appear decently in clothes, especially the so-called spiritual sisters. Being spiritual doesn't mean you should not take care of yourself. It sends good guys away!

3. Corporate Begging

What I meant by corporate begging, is the act of asking for financial assistance from every guy that comes your way. Nowadays, beggars don't roam the streets, they roam in people's DM spaces. Lol!

These days, we find it difficult to ask ladies about their welfare. They quickly turn it into an avenue to bill, by telling one story or the other to solicit for funds from guys. Aunty, let me tell you this; that thing is the biggest turn off for most guys, even if we don't tell you.

You just met a guy. He said a likes you, and you turned it to a billing opportunity, and you're wondering why he stopped talking to you. You turned him off already.

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4. Being Clingy

Clinginess is a function of low self esteem. Clingy ladies can't stay on their own without stalking on guys they love. They think its romantic, but it turns most guy off in you. Even if he's your boyfriend, allow him some breathing space. What's meant for you will stick with you.

5. Playing Hard To Get

He likes you, and you like him too. Why don't you go out and be open about your feelings? Instead you choose to play hard to get with the thought of raising your value. No, you're wrong. Guys don't have much patience to chase women anymore. We take it as a "No" and zoom off. If you genuinely like a guy, don't make it too hard for him to get you. It doesn't reduce your self worth.

6. Not Reciprocating Enough

"Bad energy, zoom zoom zoom." When he's making much efforts to keep things in touch with you, and you make him feel like he's wasting his time, that's we call "bad energy." When he feels like he's wasting energy on you, he get turned off straight up.

Unless you're sure you don't want a guy, please do everything possible to return the same vibe he's sending across to you.


Guys don't get turned off easily, but when we do, that's all. We are not coming to the same spot we left. Look at yourself, check through if you got any of this points on you. Make rectifications and men will stop saving their shots on you.

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