NIgerians Must Drop These 5 Habits In 2021, If We Truly Want Change

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No matter the situation or circumstance, I will always be proud to be a Nigerian. To be honest, there's no place like home. Ask the people in diaspora. Despite the amenities they enjoy across the Atlantic, some of them still miss home. It's my innermost prayer that Nigeria becomes a better place in the near future. Amen!

Did you say "Amen" to that prayer? I guess you did. Either you said "Amen" or not, prayers alone won't salvage the present situation in the country. It requires the sum total efforts of every Nigerian to bring a resultant effect, which is the change we are all looking forward to. Do you see how it works?

Without wasting much time, there are certain lifestyle and habits that is peculiar to most of us, as Nigerians. Some of these habits are bad and won't contribute in any way to the development of the nation. For us to prove that are finally reading for change, we need to get rid of these lifestyles and habits?

What are the habits we need to drop before 2021 runs out? Five of them are discussed below as follows:

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1. Vandalism of Public Properties

Destruction of public assets and properties is pretty common in this part of the world. We are fond of burning government properties whenever there's a public protest or demonstration. During the last EndSARS protests that took place in major cities of NIgerian, billions of Naira was burnt if we run a valuation of properties that were destroyed.

Fine! I understand the fact that we need to voice out against injustice, harsh policing system and gross embezzlement of funds in public offices. However, vandalism of public assets won't alleviate our pains. It will rather add more salt to our injuries. Funds that are meant for other expenditures will have to be diverted to the repair of vandalized structures.

Even as much we all desire a new Nigeria, we have to keep ourselves in check from adding more problems instead of solution.

2. Breaking Of Protocols

NIgerians love to break protocols ehn! If we are to make a global ranking in that regard, I'm pretty sure Nigeria will top the charts. Go to the banks, hospitals, educational institutions. The habit is everywhere. It's high time we start behaving like we're civilized. The Americans and Europeans we emulate so much are doing well when it comes to orderliness and maintaining protocols.

For us to start a shift towards the change we desire, this particular habit must be dropped.

3. Dumping Of Refuse Misappropriately

The raining season will soon be here! And when that happens, some of us are fond of dumping our waste bins into drainage systems. The consequence of this ignorant habit becomes evident when the drainage systems get blocked and water can't flow anymore.

This action makes the environment pollute due to stagnant water in our communities. The stagnant water increase the growth of mosquitoes. More mosquitoes mean more Malaria patients. You see how it work? Let's stop this habit in 2021.

4. Breaking Traffic Laws

Stop taking one-ways because you want to beat traffic. When you disregard traffic regulations, the lives of others motorists are placed in danger. Obey traffic traffic signs. Cooperate with traffic compliance officers. And we can have a safer road navigation for ourselves.

5. Stop taking bribes

Bribery and corruption is the bane of any nation in the world. It's lit biggest problems in Africa. For those of us in public and administrative positions, stop taking bribes. For we the masses, stop bribing your ways to get what you don't deserve. I'll end here on this topic.


NIgerian is ours, and it's development and prosperity rests on our shoulders, not any government administration. It's our collective responsibility to make things happen.

We, at Dating Reporters, believe in the possibility of a new Nigeria where everything works out. The responsibility is for everybody. The change we pray for us in not far, it begins with you and I. Thanks for reading!

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